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Novin Sanat is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of food industry machinery in the Middle East, and the only reference manufacturer of fully automatic machinery for the production of felafel in the world.

In Novin Sanat, with our experienced and specialized staff, we have been able to innovate in the construction and design of food machinery, to cause the transformation and development of this industry in the global market. In this regard, in 2011 we succeeded in receiving the patent certificate as well as the CE certificate of export to Europe.

Products of the Novin Sanat

The designer and manufacturer of food industry machines

full product line of nuggets, falafel, etc.

The full falafel and nugget production line includes hoist, meat grinder and mixer, etc.

Automatic green bean shredder

Fully automatic green bean shredder with very high speed

Industrial mixers and grinders

All kinds of industrial mixers and grinders in different capacities

industrial fryers

different types of electric, gas, boiler (industrial oil) and mini (desktop) fryers.

Automatic falafel machines

falafel machines with fryers in industrial, semi-industrial and workshop models

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What is falafel?
7 benefits of falafels